Sunday, March 13, 2011

Discoverer CP 9 - Patch 10233659 installation issue

Hi All
Today tried to upgrade the Discoverer Viewer/Plus on customer site and found the strange issue.
Where I run "$ORACLE_HOME/Opatch/opatch apply" command from patch directory I get the following error:
Invoking fuser to check for active processes.

Subset patches: 8746296, 9470280,

The fixes for Patch 8746296, 9470280, are included in the patch currently
being installed (10233659). OPatch will roll back the subset patch(es) and
install the new patch (10233659).

Patch "8746296" was made dependent by the patch(es) " 9470280 ". Please rollback this list of patch(es)
explicitly so that "8746296" can be rolled back.

ERROR: OPatch failed during prerequisite check.

In Log File :
Creating log file "$ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage/10233659/Apply_10233659_03-13-2011_11-19-30.log"

Starting OPatch Apply session at 03-13-2011_11-19-30.

Command arguments parsed by OPatch are: apply

OPatch version is:

The contents of the file: /etc/oraInst.loc


Performing RAC prerequisite checks...
Accessing inventory ... (retry 10 times, delay 30 seconds each time).

Checked in google and metalink - nothing.

Opened SR. They advice me to uninstall the patches manually.

It's Ok to do it if you know that it will help. A couple of weeks ago I installed the same patch on other customer site without any issues.

I checked the opach version there and found that it "OPatch Version:".
I copied the Opach folder and the installation finished successfully.

So If you have the same issue, check the opach version "./opach version"

Good luck

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  1. I have the same problem. Changed opach to 100060 and its work.