Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fixing Internet Explorer Crash on Launching Oracle Forms Application with jInitiator:

Hi I'm working with a lot of Oracle customers that use Jinit and Java Native... All version are installed in my computer.

Till now I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox, but now the situation demands that I needed to use Internet Explorer. And when I launched Internet Explorer and  Internet Explorer crashes. Did few things, such as disabling all addons, getting rid of Sun’s JVM et al, but made no difference, also re-install the Jinitiator.

Finally,here the solution(or rather a workaround) – replace the jvm.dll in jinitiator directory with that present in Sun’s JRE 1.6. If you don’t want to install the whole bundle – just CLICK HERE(jvm.dll, 2.2 MB), I’ve uploaded just the jvm.dll file, rename the original jvm.dll (present in jinitiator/bin/hotspot directory) to, say jvm.dll.old, and replace it with the one given in the above link. Restart the browser, IE shouldn’t crash anymore.


  1. Greate post!!! Thanks a lot!! Ofer

  2. It works! thank you very much ,Aviram

  3. thx a lot!! great post

  4. tried it agian ,without u this time
    and it worked :)

  5. god blast you!!!!!! THANKS!!!