Monday, May 2, 2011

Error: can't find when running appsTier

Hi All

I meet this issue during the clone procedure after migration from Sun Solaris 64bit to RedHat5 32bit

perl appsTier
Enter the APPS password [APPS]:
First Creating a new context file for the cloned system.
The program is going to ask you for information about the new system:
Error: can't find
ERROR: context creation not completed successfully.
Please check /tmp/adcfgclone.err file for errors

In the /tmp/adcfgclone.err :
/oraprod/apps/prodcomn/clone/bin/../jre/bin/java: line 18: /usr/bin/basename: not found
/oraprod/apps/prodcomn/clone/bin/../jre/bin/java: line 19: /usr/bin/uname: not found

Action Plan:
1. Run which java with application user.
2. cd  /oraprod/apps/prodcomn/clone/bin/../jre/bin/
3. mv java java_old
4. ln -s <java path from 1 step> java
5. Run perl appsTier again

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