Thursday, July 21, 2011

Create Discoverer 11g EUL for Oracle Application users.

Hi All.
If you get the following message:
You do not have access to any End User Layers (EULs). You must create at least one EUL to access Discoverer.
Here the step by step for creating Discoverer 11g EUL for  Oracle Application users.
 1. Create EUL user
     a. Create Table Space for EUL user

        create tablespace EUL datafile '/d01/test/db/apps_st/data/eul01.dbf'
        size                                  200M
        autoextend on maxsize                200M
        extent management local uniform size  64K
     b. Create EUL user
        create user EUL_US identified by EUL_US default tablespace EUL temporary   tablespace   TEMP;
     grant connect, resource to  EUL_US; 
     grant all privilege to EUL_US;
(You can revoke no need privileges after the EUL creation).

2. Enter to Oracle Discoverer Administrator with EUL_US user

You will get the following message:

 Press "Yes".

Press "Create an EUL".

Check  "New EUL is for use Oracle Application users ONLY" and press Select

Find EUL user that was created in first step and press OK. Press NEXT.

Enter in Schema "APPS" and apps Password.Press FINISH
It will install all relevand db objects for new EUL user.
Aftre the installation finished successfully:
Go to Tools --> Privileges --> In Previleges tab press SELECT

 Enter the Oracle Application User that will be the discoverer administrator (in my case it's SYSADMIN).

Give full privileges to user  and save the changes.

 3. Now you can connect to Oracle Discoverer Administrator / Desktop with Oracle Application User.

Good Luck..

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