Monday, July 25, 2011

Discoverer Plus 10g Has Slow Performance When Moving A Field / Column To The Page Item Area.

Hi All.

I found this issue after Discoverer CP9 upgrade.

The problem is – That in Discoverer Plus I can't drag an item to the Page Items section.In Discoverer Plus this action takes a lot of time or stacks the report forever.
In Discoverer Desktop it is done just fine .


The cause is that the Preference values for the 'MaxVirtualHeapMem'  parameter is not picked up and the default value (which is small) is used. This results in a large amount of Disk I/O which results low performance of the application interface. Or 'MaxVirtualHeapMem'  parameter is too small.

There is an Oracle document for this bug [ID 359124.1] for versions or

If you version is a higher and you stiil have this issue, you need to do the fiollowing:

1. Open the pref.txt in $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/util.

2. Increase MaxVirtualHeapMem  parameter.

3. Execute ./ form $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/util.

4. Recheck the issue.

Good Luck ..

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