Thursday, July 14, 2011

TNS-01151: Missing Listener Name, TST, in listener.ora

Hi All.
After R12 appsTier unable To Start TNS Listener: 
TNS-01151: Missing Listener Name, TST, in listener.ora'  in new Linux server.

Please check /etc/hosts file.
Need to be:               localhost.localdomain localhost
<server_ip>            server_name.domain server_name

If it not correct, change it and re-run adcfgclone procedure for DB and APPL tiers.
Listener will start OK now.

Good luck...


  1. Thanks very much - I spent ages trying to fix this 'till I saw your post.

  2. Hi Mr. Borulia, In my system also showing same error and but when i open /etc/hosts file it's showing like those lines, are they correct DBA1 # Added by NetworkManager localhost.localdomain localhost
    ::1 DBA1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 DBA #other hostname DBA2 #one more hostname

    1. can you please paste here your hosts ?

    2. Your host file need to be: localhost.localdomain localhost

      Pay attention, localhost.localdomain localhost need to be first line.

    3. actual my real host is DBA1 and remaining hosts are other o/s hosts

    4. You need to change your /etc/hosts files to be : localhost.localdomain localhost
      server_ip dba1.your_domain dba1 localhost.localdomain localhost need to be the first line

  3. please give me as clearly and then when iam going for tnsping command, it's also gettin error

    [oracle11g@DBA2 ~]$ tnsping lsnr

    TNS Ping Utility for Linux: Version - Production on 30-JUL-2014 23:44:42

    Copyright (c) 1997, 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Used parameter files:

    TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

  4. Confirm sid=xxxxx for both listener.ora and tnsnames.ora