Tuesday, November 22, 2011

R12 FNDSCSGN Responsibility menu indentation incorrect with some character sets

Hi All

This is the new issue that I found during upgrade 11.5.9 to 12.1.3

After upgrade when I'm log-in with NLS language to EBS there are junk characters in navigation form FNDSCSGN (see attached screens). The English form is OK. 


Need to upgrade the FNDSCSGN  form to

Patch 9877484  fixes an issue with the indentation for the responsibility menu
displayed on the FNDSCSGN form when using Arabic and/or Hebrew character sets.
This patch provides one-off fix for bug#9576808 on R12.1.1 or higher.  The issue
is with the icons assigned to the buttons to add or remove items from the top
ten list are maybe incorrect when running in BIDI mode.

Please review Initial 12.1.3 languages navigation page has dots at side of menu options instead of plus signs '+'. (Doc ID 1360867.1) when it will be available in Metalink.

Good Luck ...

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