Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Re-create soft links script for Concurrent Program (Host)

Hi All

Here the small script that will help you to re-create links for Concurrent Program (Host).
During the Rapid Clones and Customization Migration from 11i to R12 the custom prog links in $CUSTOM_TOP/bin are broken.

Usage: ./recreate_prog_links.sh $CUST_TOP

export CUST_PATH=$1
cd $CUST_PATH/bin
echo "PATH: "  $CUST_PATH/bin
echo "Start re-creating links..."
for f in *.prog
LINK_FILE=`echo $PROG_FILE | awk -F"." '{ print $1 }'`
if [ "$LINK_FILE" = "" ]
echo "Prog File not need relink ...."
unlink $LINK_FILE
ln -s $PWD/../../../fnd/12.0.0/bin/fndcpesr $LINK_FILE
### The fndcpesr path need to be changed according the EBS version
For 11i the command : ln -s $PWD/../../../fnd/11.5.0/bin/fndcpesr $LINK_FILE

echo "Re-creating links finished..."

Guy LiorAnother way to do it (provided by programmer Guy Lior)  it's to run the following sql command in pl/sql developer / sqlplus / toad : 

select 'ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcresr $'||fap.basepath||'/bin/'||fev.executable_name
from   fnd_application     fap,
       fnd_executables_vl  fev
where  fap.application_short_name in ('<Your Application Short name>')
and    fap.application_id = fev.application_id
and    fev.execution_method_code = 'H'

And then just run the received results on Linux server.

Good Luck ...

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