Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Revert R12.1.3 Homepage Layout to Personal Homepage as in R12.1.1 or 11i

Hi All

This is the fast way to Revert back to the 12.1.1 or 11i Personal Homepage Layout.

You will ask me why to do it.
There is the simple answer: Users become accustomed to the  Homepage style and don't want change it.

After R12.1.3 upgrade or installation the Homepage looks like this:

After the action plan below, you Homepage will be:

Here the Action Plan:
Set the following profiles:
  • FND: Applications Navigator Menu Consolidation count : 25
  • FND Slideout menu: Enabled
  • Enable Configurable HomePage: No
  • FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled: Yes
  • FND: Disable Configurable Home Page: True
* The above changes will result in the expandable menus changing to the older 'link style' menus

The Documentation that was used:
12.1.2: How to Modify and Enable The Configurable Home Page Delivered Via 12.1.2 [ID 1061482.1]

Good Luck ...

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