Thursday, March 22, 2012

Error during Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Examples Installation

Hi All

This is the error that I got during the installation of  Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Examples.

Reproduce Issue:
1. Download and extract the  Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Examples to /11G_examples folder
2. cd  /11G_examples/examples
3. ./runInstaller
 Here the Error:
INS-32016  The selected Oracle home contains directories or files.
INS-32018  The selected Oracle home is outside of Oracle base.
INS-32025  The chosen installation conflicts software already installed in the given Oracle home.
INS-32018  Oracle Database Examples can only be installed into an existing Oracle Home. 

!!!Seems that this is the Rapid Installer bug!!!

Action Plan (workaround):
1. Go to $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin
2. Run ./
3. Change the source product file to  /11G_examples/examples/stage/product.xml 
 4. Next
 5. Next
 6. Install

 7. Exit. Now Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Examples were installed successfully.
Good Luck ...


  1. Great advice, simple and to the point. Many thanks!

    1. Thank You, had tough time installing directly, I didn't knew that we can do this way. Thanks buddy

  2. hi arty, kindly tell me the installation method of examples on windows vista for 11g xe

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I was banging my head on the desk trying to figure out what was going on. :) Worked once I used the Universal Installer.

  4. Thank you very much, you saved my day

  5. I tried this, but when I enter the path to the products.xml file, it gives me an error:

    "There was a problem in accessing the staging area. Please make sure the specified value for 'Source' is valid."

    I know the path is correct, not sure why it isn't accepting it...any ideas?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Brandon,
      Please check that your database is registered correct.
      Good Luck...

  6. Do you know how to open the oui welcome screen on windows 7? i can't fix this problem and it is driving me mad

    1. Hi David,
      This is need to be ORACLE_HOME\oui\bin\runInstaller.bat
      Good Luck.

  7. This is an amazing workaround !! thanks so much man :)