Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Start Using Oracle WEB ADI – Release R12

Hi All
Here the small guide to start using Oracle WEB ADI in Release R12.

1.  Enable 'Desktop Integration' responsibility.
After upgrade 11i release to R12 the Oracle Web ADI Responsibility  is not in use. The 'Desktop Integration' responsibility should be used for All ADI functions.
To enable the 'Desktop Integration' responsibility, go to 'System Administrator ' responsibility --> Security --> Responsibility --> Define -->  Look for Desktop Integration and remove 'To' in Effective Dates field.

2. Assign the 'Desktop Integration' responsibility to User.
Go to 'System Administrator ' responsibility --> Security --> User --> Define

3. Update the WEB ADI configuration profiles
BNE Server Log Level                 
BNE Server Log Path   
BNE Servlet Path
BNE UIX Base Path
BNE UIX Physical Directory 
Remove any value
BNE Upload Import Directory
BNE Upload Staging Directory
BNE Upload Text Directory 

  • ·         Ensure from back end that the following directories exist with 777 permissions.
chmod -R 777 $BNE_TOP/log
chmod -R 777 $BNE_TOP/upload/import
chmod -R 777 $BNE_TOP/upload
  • ·         If any of the directories do not exist, create them and give 777 permissions.
  • ·         Bounce the instance after the profile option change.
Useful documentation:
R12:Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting Web ADI (Web Applications Desktop Integrator) [ID 452452.1]
R12 Oracle Web Adi Responsibility Errors on Create Document Function [ID 428509.1]
Error BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY Is Not Configured in R12 When Attempting to Use WebADI Spreadsheet to Create Hierarchies [ID 430991.1]

You can download the script for updating Web ADI profiles HERE .

Good Luck ...

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