Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Clear Cache in R12

Hi All

Sometimes the OA  Framework pages getting Dark Blue color  after stopping the instance for Backup, patching or restart.
Here the way how to Clear Cache in EBS R12 .

1. Use Functional Administrator responsibility

2. Go to Core Services > Caching Framework > Global Configuration
3. Click on button Clear All Cache, then on Yes


1.  Stop APPS_TIER
2. rm -rf $OA_HTML/cabo/images/cache/*
3. rm -rf $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache/* 
4. Start APPS_TIER

Pay attention: Do not remove the $COMMON_TOP/_pages files.

Apache bounce no longer work in R12.2 as you know and every time you have to go for Managed Server bounce for the changes to reflect.

12.2 uses Weblogic so you just need to start managed servers. 

Useful documentation:

  • Self Service Pages turn to complete Dark Blue in Release 12 [ID 1054332.1]
  • For clearing cache , please review How To Clear Caches (Apache/iAS, Cabo, Modplsql, Browser, Jinitiator, Java, Portal, WebADI) for E-Business Suite? [ID 742107.1] 

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  1. How to do from Database using SQL or PL/Sql Script

  2. I found a leaner approach: stop stop oacore_server1 #weblogic password - For r12.2
    rm -rf $OA_HTML/cabo/images/cache/*
    rm -rf $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache/*
    -- copy command to change the logo file cp $OA_MEDIA/new_logo_file.gif $OA_MEDIA/logo_file.gif
    -- Note: for EBS 12.2., copy the file to the Run and Patch fs. start start oacore_server1 #weblogic password - For r12.2

    Those are the minimum components that are needed for this "bounce" to work and also minimizes the downtime.


    1. You are right Svetoslav. This is the step by step for clear cache in R12.2.X
      in R12.) or R12.1 need only stop adoacore before remove.