Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Refreshing IQY file from discoverer 11g

Hi All ...

Here the new issue that I have found in Discoverer 11g during the refreshing IQY file.

Open discoverer plus report  -->  export

change format to IQY:

Next.. next…..next

Open file and  run from your computer:
1    Enter your password when required
2    Enter:

Get the error:

The application encounters an invalid state. . 
- Java heap space 
Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer cannot find the data necessary to display the results of this event. Correct any errors, and try again. 


It appears that the managed server WLS_DISCO is running out of heap space


You need to increase the maximum heap space.
How to increase the maximum java heap memory allowed for the managed server WLS_DISCO ( Doc ID 1592078.1 ) 

 Good Luck ...

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