Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to collect Discoverer Plus and Viewer statistics

Hi All .

Here the step by step How to collect Discoverer Plus and Viewer statistics.

1.Navigate to the 'util' directory and edit the pref.txt file:

-- For 4i, it is $ORACLE_HOME/discwb4/util
-- For 10g, it is $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/util
-- For 11g, it is:  $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/config/pref.txt
$ORACLE_HOME refers to the top level AS home (Linux/Unix Example - /do2/Oracle/Middleware/as_1).  Your actual ORACLE_HOME name may differ, but should follow similar directory/path.
2.Navigate to the [Application] section:
3. Set the parameters

QPPEnable = 1
QPPCreateNewStats = 1 

(Although QPPCreateNewStats is not available by default in 11g, it still applies to 11g as well)

4. Save the pref.txt file.
5. Now we need to update the preference registry file:

-- For 4i and 10g, Unix/Linux, run: ./
-- For 4i and 10g, Windows run: applypreferences.bat
-- For 11g, Unix/Linux, run: $ORACLE_INSTANCE/Discoverer/Discoverer_asinst_1/util/
-- For 11g, Windows, run: $ORACLE_INSTANCE\Discoverer\Discoverer_asinst_1\util\applypreferences.bat

$ORACLE_INSTANCE refers to the instance home in the WLS/Discoverer home (Example - /do2/Oracle/Middleware/asinst_1).  Your actual ORACLE_INSTANCE may differ, but should follow similar directory/path.
Your ORACLE_INSTANCE may also differ if your environment includes multiple instances as may occur with clustered environments.

These settings will take effect for new sessions launched, but not existing sessions.
You may optionally, restart the Discoverer to force/kill all existing sessions.

P.S If you are using the Oracle BI Discoverer Plus Version , you need to apply patch 11784475 (DISCO 11G PLUS/VIEWER QUERY STATS NOT WORKING IN APPS 12I EUL/64 BIT OS)

Good Luck ...

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