Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to download Oracle Software from Edelivery or Oracle Metalink by script

Hi All ...

Here the step by step guide how to download Oracle software with script.
Many of you already tried to do it from Oracle Edelivery site and know that you need to download one by one and it can take a lot of time. Also there are some scripts that can do it for you , but need to install some plug-ins to google chrome or Mozilla to collect the cookies.

This is the guide that I got from Oracle Support (thanks guys) and hope will make you life a little bit easy.

1. Log-in to http://support.oracle.com 
2. Go to Certifications tab

3. Choose the software,release and platform that  you want to download  and press Search
In my I want to download EBS 12.2.4 installation release for Oracle Linux 5

4. Click on Version on  Number of Releases / Versions column
 5. Choose the release. At this time you can re-choose another release
 6. Select the Product and press Download
 7. Accept the Agreement and press Next
8. Now you will get the all zips that you can download. You can download it one by one or just press on WGET options 
 9. Press on Download.sh to get the scripts and save it. Please pay attention, the script will work only for 8 hours after the creation
10. That's it. Just enter you oracle account password and you can start downloading.

TIP: the release can include alot of file that you will not use, so just remove or remark the WGET line form the script (for example all NLS packages) 

Good Luck ...


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  4. I successfully searched the product that I need "Oracle Database is certified on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2012 R2". However I am stuck at the step#6. No download option is available to me on the page.

    I have logged to the http://support.oracle.com using my personal Oracle login. What could be the reason for this problem and whether the party login which has the support license with Oracle is required?

    I need this very critically. Please help anyone. My WhatsApp and call number is +966 507261906 and email is: mazhar.ehsan@gmail.com