Thursday, January 14, 2016

Configure Shared Appl Top in EBS R12 - Step by Step

Hi All ...

Here the step by step of configure Shared Appl Top  in EBS R12:

1.   Run adpreclone procedure in DB and APPL (on Main server):

·         On DB Tier:
        cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME
        perl dbTier
·         On APPL Tier:
         cd $INST_TOP/admin/scripts

         perl appsTier

2.   Stop APPL_TIER (on Main server)
3.   Add the F5 ip hosname.domain hostname to /etc/hosts on all servers.
4.   Connect the mount of the application tier to second appl server. 
5.   Add node (run the commands on second applserver ).
    cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin; (take a path from main appl node)
    perl addnode contextfile=<echo $CONTEXT_FILE from main node>
    *All servers need to be enabled
    perl <echo $AD_TOP/bin from main node >/ contextfile=<specify the path to the      new context file from previous step>
   Edit .bash_profile to point to new env files.
6.   Run AutoConfig in both nodes (main node need to be run as the last one).
7.   Edit Context file for 2 nodes

Same on all nodes
Same on all nodes
Same on all nodes
Same on all nodes
Same is in main node
F5 host
F5 host
F5 host
8.   Run AutoConfig in both nodes (main node need to be run as the last one).
9.   Start APPL tier in both nodes (main and after that secondary).
10. Enable Internal Monitor Managers for both nodes:

Go to Concurrent manager > Define > Look for Internal Monitor% > Work Shiftes

 Work Shift:Standard
  Processes: 1 > Save
 Do the same for the second one

Activate both managers.

Query which user session is on which application servers:
 select nodes.node_name,usr.user_name,usr.user_id,ses.function_type
from icx_sessions ses,
     fnd_nodes nodes,
     fnd_user usr
where ses.node_id=nodes.node_id
and ses.guest='N'
and ses.user_id=usr.user_id
order by usr.user_id,nodes.node_name

You are done.
Good luck ...

Useful documents:
Sharing The Application Tier File System in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 384248.1)
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