Monday, June 13, 2011

Discoverer Desktop/Administrator Client 11g installation

Hi All.

Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop and Discoverer Administrator 11g ( can be downloaded from this location:

There are no plans for a 64-bit binary versions of Administrator and Desktop, the 32-bit versions are sufficient for operations 

If you try to install on Windows 64-bit operating systems by running setup.exe from the /Disk1 directory, then you will receive a warning.

You may workaround this by installing from  ..\Disk1\install\win32 and running setup.exe from there; however, as stated at this point it is specifically not certified on 64bit Windows client operating systems; therefore, we cannot accept Service Requests for functional issues.

How To Find Oracle BI Discoverer 10g and 11g Certification Information (Doc ID 233047.1)

Good luck..


  1. Thanks Arty, that seemed to get Admin installed. -Stu

  2. Hi Arty: The link you have does get me to the Patch version V37559-01. Can you please help me find a link to download THanks much