First Log in after R12 Upgradde in Bezeq International.(2013)
Omri Soto (Oracle consulting) in our new office. (2014)
Ran Segev (Finance consulting) - Creating Shaam Automatic Interface at Baran Group. (2014)
My new LONGBOARD :-) (2014)
Dry Run (R12 upgrade in Tama) with Amit Eshet. (2014)
GO Live (R12 upgrade in Tama) with Amit Eshet. (2014)
Last Time stopping R11 instance .... Good Bye 11i, hello R12

New Customer BBQ... (2014)

Fun Time

During the upgrade process at Baran Group 2015 (23 hours to go Live)

Going to visit our customers (2015)

K-MAN (2015)

K-Day 2016 (Komit Team)

Pokemon Hunter - during Brazil GO Live