Monday, November 5, 2012

UPK to EBS 11i - Step By Step.

Hi All

Here the step by step guide how to connect the Oracle EBS 11i to use UPK help.

1. Create $XX_TOP/upk folder
2. Create $XX_TOP/upk/XX folder
3. Create $XX_TOP/upk/conf folder
4. Edit the CUSTOM.pll file to start using UPK functionality:

Backup the CUSTOM.plx before installation.
Copy the attached ODPN.pll file to $AU_TOP/resource.
Compile the ODPN.pll using:
f60gen userid=apps/apps module=ODPN.pll module_type=LIBRARY    
make sure that the ODPN.plx was created.
Convert the CUSTOM.pll to text file (ECM_CUSTOM.pld)
f60gen userid=apps/apps module= CUSTOM.pll module_type=LIBRARY script=Yes
Open the CUSTOM.pld
Add the fillowing line at the begining of the file:
right after the last attached pll
Add the following at the end of the Event procedure (before the line with  "end event;"), save and close the file:
/*************** UPK Module ****************************************/
gkod_event(event_name, 'SPECIAL20');
Convert the ECM_CUSTOM.pld from text file to pll file (binary) using:
f60gen userid=apps/apps module= CUSTOM.pld module_type=LIBRARY parse=Yes (make sure that the CUSTOM.pll was created).
Compile the CUSTOM.pll using:
f60gen userid=apps/apps module= CUSTOM.pll module_type=LIBRARY (make sure that the CUSTOM.plx was created).

5. copy the content of directory - Create Requisition Publish\Publishing content\PlayerPackage to $XX_TOP/upk/XX (or use windows shared directory).

6. Edit $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/oracle_apache.conf

# Begin customizations
include $XX_TOP/upk/conf/xx_upk.conf "
# End customizations
(**** Need to enter full path)

8. Create $XX_TOP/upk/conf/xx_upk.conf
Alias /upk/              “$XX_TOP/upk/"
<Location /upk/>
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all
(**** Need to enter full path)

9. Login to Oracle Application and update Applications Help Web Agent profile with the following string:

(**** Need to enter full path)

10. Restart Apache service
11. Now you can use the UPK to EBS functionality from EBS help menu.

Good Luck ...

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